Кърджали / с.Бенковски

  • 25 Юли, 2023
  • 142
Продава Ливада Кърджали с.Бенковски
  • Продава Ливада
  • Площ: 12221.000 декар(а)
  • Категория: 9
  • Цена: 300000€/декар
  • Описание: Are you looking for finance? Do you need loan for to settle your bills, like personal loan, finance issue, business loan to setup your own business or business expansion, project funding and your financial score is very low, I am able to fund you the amount you need ranging from $1000-$50M and a suitable Interest rates 2% that will makes life easier for you. more info Kindly contact me via email: ronaldfoundationhome@gmail.com\r\n(Whats App) number: +919233597769\r\nMr. Ronald
  • Дава се под аренда: Да
  • Последна рента: 10000лева/декар
  • Очаквана рента: 10000лева/декар
  • Последна култура: 10000
  • Добив: 10000кг/декар

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